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Learning about the spine and how it works.

Below are multiple videos explaining how the spine works as well as short explainations about common diagnostic tests used to help spine surgeons and back specialists diagnose treat patients with back and neck problems that often cause radicular symptoms (nerve pain) that radiates into the arms or legs.

Dr Nenadovich explains spine segment vs. spine motion segment with ligaments and pain generators.


Dr. Nenadovich Spine Specialist in Northwest IN, explains the MRI.


What is a CT Myelogram- NWI Spine Surgeon Dr Nenadovich explains the CT Myelogram.


Northwest Indiana back doctor, Nick Nenadovich, MD explaines the how the spine works, its anatomy and all the major back pain generators

Northwest Indiana Back Specialist Dr. Nikola (Nick) Nenadovich explains how a CT or "cat" scan works in layman's terms


Midwest Spine Specialist, Dr. Nick Nenadovich answers questions about himself and his medical philosophy.

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