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What to expect at your first visit:

On your first visit you will receive a standing X-ray of the affected portion of your spine
Neck (cervical)
Mid back (thoracic)
Lumbar (low back)
You will then be led to one of our clean and comfortable exam rooms where you will be initially evaluated by Dr. Nenadovich's assistant Dave Wilson, AT or Dr's Nurse Renee Kraynak, RN. They will take your recent medical history and gather other pertinent information which pertains to your visit as well as an initial physical exam which may include special orthopedic physical tests to help determine the nature of your back or neck pain problem. After they have finished your initial assessment they will discuss their findings with Dr. Nenadovich and you will then be seen by the spine specialist.

Dr. Nenadovich will get to know you while he examines your x-rays and any other diagnostic tests you may have had previously performed such as MRI's, CT scan's, EMG's, etc.  He will then perform a thorough physical exam to determine the exact nature of your neck pain or back pain.  He will then fully explain to you (in layman's terms) what your diagnosis is and what he feels is the best form of treatment available for you.  This may include further testing if needed to help him form a more concise diagnosis or initial treatments such as physical therapy, medications, pain management or surgical intervention if your condition is progressing or could cause permanent damage or loss of function if not treated immediately.

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