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Read below to hear from a few of our patients what they think of Dr. Nenadovich.


"Dr. Nenadovich literally saved my ability to walk without a cane.  I herniated a lumbar disc doing some simple house work, but worse than the pain, within a few days my left foot had stopped working.  I couldnt control it and knew I had a severe problem.  Dr.Nenadovich squeezed me into his schedule the next day and immediately recoginized the severity of the problem.  He calmed my fears and explained to me that we needed to move quickly to remove the pressure the herniated disc was putting on my nerve which caused the "foot drop" to prevent any further damage or permanent loss of function.  He performed a simple minimally invasive microdiscectomy the next day (Saturday) at St. Anthony's hospital in Crown Point, IN.  When I woke up an hour later the pain in my leg was gone and I was already able to move my left foot some.  Over the next couple weeks I was pretty much back to normal, it still took a few months to get back all of the stregth in my foot. If I had waited much longer to have this procedure, I may not have gained back all of the strength in my foot, and would have a permanent limp when I walk.  I cant thank him enough"

Dave W.


"Dr. Nenadovich is such a great doctor,  he takes time to listen to you and makes you feel comfortable"

Benji G.


"If I was feeling any better, you would think I was on something"

Matt S.



"What a great doctor, I wish he was treating me for my other medical issues"

Debbie M.

"I wish we could clone him"

Linda M, RN Case Manager


"I have performed physical therapy on several of Dr. Nenadovich's post operative patients in my clinic and I am always impressed by their speed of recovery and how much they appreciate him as a physician"

Darren, Physical Therapist

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